Salt Lick was established on the basis of maintaining a healthy mind and body in the madness of what is, The Yachting Industry.

The work/wellness ratio can be quite hard to maintain. The constant changing of time zones, long hours, minimal time, space and equipment are a few challenges we all face.

Being “yachties” ourselves we understand these factors and want to teach and inform fellow crew how to maintain a healthy balanced life onboard whilst understanding the importance of mental and physical health.


Tom and Christie the founders of SLF are two personal trainers currently working in the super yacht industry. We provide both Vessel specific group programs for your crew as well as individual customised programs and online 24/7 coaching to ensure you reach your goals.

Christie, 30 Australian, is an ex professional performer, coming from a dancing background Christie has always lived a fit and healthy lifestyle, understanding the importance of movement from an early age, she specialises in women’s fitness, weight loss, group fitness training and mobility.

Christie has lived a life on the sea, so it is no surprise she ended up working in the yachting industry. Onboard, Christie is one of the fitness trainers and yoga instructors taking guests and crew, Salt Lick has given her freedom to take her skill set outside of one vessel and into the mass of our industry.

Having also studied at UK based Fit Asylum and LDN Muscle she also holds accreditation levels PT2 and PT3.

Tom, 36 British, a former Royal Marines Commando who served for 6+ years, whilst in the military Tom learned the true value of resilience, hard work and mental fortitude. Alongside his military background Tom played semi-professional rugby, learning first hand the importance of prehab, rehab, mobility and generally taking care of oneself.

For Tom, transferring the skills that he had acquired whilst in the military into yachting was a natural progression that lead him to onboard positions such as security, deck and PT roles.

Furthering his personal training skillset Tom studied with UK based Fit Asylum and LDN Muscle to complete his PT2 and PT3 personal training courses. Today Tom is a Strength/ Conditioning and group fitness specialist.


The name Salt Lick Fitness unfolded from a combination of present and past. ‘Salt’ is simply a yachting reference to the vast ocean we all work on, a big and very important part of our lifestyles. The ‘Lick’ comes from a Military reference a “Lick out!” Or a “Lick!” in other words, to work hard! Combined it explains our day to day life pretty well. The symbol itself is the Alchemy symbol for salt or as a lot of people say “it looks like a porthole”…whatever works for you!

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